UPDATE: Package at U.S. Army Engineering & Support Center deemed “not a threat”

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While Huntsville Police have not released the exact contents of a package investigated at the U.S. Army Engineering & Support Center, they have said it is “not a threat”.

The package has been released and the area cleared.

Original story:

Authorities are investigating a suspicious package at the U.S. Army Engineering & Support Center offices in Huntsville.

911 was called at around 10:30am on Wednesday when a package was found with a white substance leaking out of it.

Lt. Michael Johnson with the Huntsville Police says that it appears to be legitimately mailed by USPS and delivered, but also appears to be re-packaged.

Huntsville Police are x-raying the package and are confident at this point that it is not a threat. Huntsville Fire earlier used a device to detect possible toxic chemicals.

WZDX will bring you more information as it becomes available.

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