Smart Shopper: Gas guzzler?? Don’t drain your tank this holiday season

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Whether you’ve got a big family and all those plane tickets are just not an option, or you just want to take the scenic route to your holiday destination–a road trip might be your go-to travel method this year. 

AAA released a study saying more Americans are planning to travel by car this holiday season than ever before– ⅓ of Americans will be on the roads, runways and rails, and travel times are expected to be four times longer in some major cities. 

We hit the streets to find out how people in Huntsville are saving gas.

Don Williams, a Huntsville resident, told us “I just really don’t go anywhere, just enjoy the ride, just carpool places.”

John McKay says, “I just shop for the lowest price normally.”

Adolphus Elliott Sr. adds, “I just kind of restrict my driving, I have a gas guzzler here.”

The roads will be busy. Between filling up and pit stops, you can easily break the bank. Here’s how to make your gas stretch this holiday:

  • Before you even pull out of your driveway, check your tire pressure–full tires can improve your gas mileage by up to 3%… 
  • Empty out your trunk! Carrying around extra things around will just weigh you down! And waste gas. 
  • Try to fill up before you hit the road. Use popular apps like Gas Buddy and AAA TripTik, to check the prices of gas stations around your house before you even load up– and head to the cheapest one. 
  • Renting a car?? Ask for a fuel efficient model to save throughout the trip. 
  • Resist the urge to speed! Constantly accelerating wastes fuel.
  • If you do have to stop to refill along the way, get off on an exit with as many gas stations as possible. The more stations, the higher the competition for your money, and you’re more likely to find a good price!

Don’t be afraid of using your A/C on a road trip! It’s true, having the air on blast while driving at slow speeds or stopped can use up gas. But, driving with the windows down on highways, just increases drag, which ends up wasting more gas than just turning on the air. 

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