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Black Friday is about two weeks away, but don’t wait until that day to plan for the big shopping frenzy.

Consumer Reports has been tracking deals on Black Friday for a number of years, and its put together a series of tips to help get the most for your money.

Follow and study the ads for deals before the big shopping day arrives. That will give you the opportunity to sift through the best specials, and compare prices before you head out to shop. There are plenty of websites where you can find the bargain already listed. Deal News and are just two.

Consumer Reports website lists prices for a number of retailers making it easy to price compare from home. Once you’re in the store, use apps like Shop Kick or Shop Savvy to scan bar codes and QR codes to compare prices, and even get discounts and coupons.

Take advantage of loyalty programs from retailers. Often those will offer sales and promotions to members first, and you may have a chance to earn reward on your purchases as well. And remember to check Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for deals from retailers. Some retailers will reward customers who follow or like them with alerts about up coming specials.

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