Salute to the Military Winner: David Cantrell

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David Cantrell spent parts of five different decades in the military – a journey that he says began all thanks to his father.

“My dad was a chief warrant officer in ammunition, and he always wanted me to join the military. Of course, when I did, he got mad, because I didn’t take him to the recruiting with me,” jokes Cantrell. “I joined the military in ’77 and got out in ’80, but I still had another three-year commitment.”

As time went on, Cantrell decided to begin a new chapter in his military career — one he particularly enjoyed.

“After that I was out for several years, and I joined The Guard, and I was going to try to become an ammunition warrant like my father,” recalls Cantrell. “They sent me to Redstone Arsenal here in Huntsville for school. I found out about 20th Special Forces Group, and I always wanted to jump out of airplanes and do all the high-speed stuff. So I went and talked to them, and they said I could join. So after I got out of that school I joined 20th Group, and then later on I found out there was not an ammunition warrant slot in the whole state of Alabama, but by that time I didn’t want to leave the unit, because I really liked it.”

Cantrell was even down in New Orleans back in 2005 to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. He was medically retired eight years later, and even though he’s no longer active duty, he’s still helping serve veterans.

“You know, I’m just retired, and I have a friend who has a nonprofit organization called Working Warriors Today. He helps veterans with their benefits, employment and whatever their needs are. I’ve helped him on a few projects.”

Additionally, he’s taken what he’s learned in the military and applies it to everyday life.

“I like to have things neat, tidy, organized,” says Cantrell. “Basically being a logistics guy, I plan out everything – if I go to the grocery store, I make a list, and check it off as I go.”

Both Wettermark Keith and Still Serving Veterans were more than happy to make this day possible for Sgt. Cantrell.

“We are proud to support the military, they’ve sacrificed so much for us, and we’re just thrilled to be able to give back,” says Amberleigh Osborne, an attorney for Wettermark Keith.

“We serve veterans every day, we help them access their VA benefits, find jobs and pretty much any other connections they need,” adds Heather Wells, the Marketing & Communications Director for Still Serving Veterans.

…and all of us at WZDX would like to thank you for your service, Sgt. Cantrell.

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