Robots are helping retailers right in time for the holidays

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People are shopping more online and that’s intensifying pressure on retailers and e-commerce firms to deliver quickly in a day or two.

That’s where inVia Robotics comes in. They sell robotics as a service, basically a subscription service that allows small and medium sized companies to better compete with the likes of Amazon.

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The robots are assembled at the company’s headquarters them deployed more than 400 to customers across the country.


Here’s how the robots work. They use WiFi, cameras and sensors to navigate through the warehouse. They then scan and see the correct item in these boxes, which are known as totes and then it grabs that and takes it to a person who then unpacks the correct number of items, putting them in a box that’s then shipped to the customer’s front door.

As for jobs, some will go away as robots are actually finding the correct items in the warehouse. Other jobs will transition. Because it’s a subscription service, companies are able to add robots and change the workflow during the heavy holiday season.

Importantly, they can help with returns, one of the least efficient parts of e-commerce.

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