Potato giveaway helps fight hunger in Huntsville

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When local farms sell to grocery stores and other businesses, sometimes some of that produce doesn’t quite make the cut. But, a local organization is putting that excess food to good use. 

The Society of St. Andrew partnered with First Presbyterian Church and the Food Bank of North Alabama in Huntsville for their annual “Great Potato Drop”. 

Thousands of pounds of sweet potatoes were collected from local farms, gathered in the parking lot of the church, and given to those who need it—at no cost. 

Local organizations were invited to come and pick up what they need. Volunteers say this is just one step toward fixing a national problem. 

We spoke to Adrienne Holloway, the Program Coordinator Society of St. Andrew. She says that hunger is a widespread issue and they’re just doing their part to try and help. Holloway says, “If you’re having to choose between paying your medicine or buying food, then we want to come in and help. The way we look at it is that there shouldn’t be any hungry people in America. We have enough excess in the farms. So that’s just our goal, we’re the middle person between the farms and the hungry.”

Volunteers faced a bit of rain, but that didn’t slow them down. Locals drove by and were able to take all they needed. 

For more information on how you can get involved, click here.

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