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That Will Never Work is the title of Netflix Co-founder Marc Randolph’s new book, and the phrase he commonly heard from friends, colleagues, and investors who thought DVDs by mail, well, would never work.

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Randolph says: “I did want people to know the untold story of Netflix, how it was not always this global streaming behemoth, but it was, in fact, at one point this tiny, struggling company in an office with dirty green carpets and no furniture.”

Fast forward, and today Netflix has become a company worth over 100-billion dollars, leading the way in digital video streaming. “I mean, at the beginning, in those early days, I just wanted to be the size of a single blockbuster store. And then we passed that. I wanted to be the size of a small video chain. I never imagined we’d have one hundred and fifty million subscribers. I never imagined we’d be making our own television shows, and producing our own movies.”


Netflix now faces an unpredictable future as a handful of other big companies, including Disney, Apple, and NBC debut their own platforms

These media giants also have multiple sources of revenue they can rely on. But Randolph welcomes the competition, and views the slim focus on media and streaming as a positive for Netflix.

While no one knows what the future may hold, Marc Randolph, who left Netflix in 2002 after serving as CEO, says the streaming giant will have to adapt and follow the customer wherever they go.

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