Nature activities for locals with special needs

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 Local groups in the valley are extending a hand and inviting those with special needs to join them for relaxing activities.  They say it all starts by spending a little time outside. 

Hays Nature Preserve in Huntsville is spreading the word about their programs for those with special needs in the Valley. 

Hays Nature Preserve is partnering with Making Connections— a parent-led support network for those who are affected by Autism. 

Attendees will take hikes, read stories and share, do crafts. To top every session off– they’ll feed the ducks, including their resident duck, “Quackers.” 

“Quackers” lives in the pond behind the Hays Nature Preserve Educations Center. He loves to be hand fed by locals.

Denise Taylor, Program Director at Hays Nature Preserve says, “To see the ducks come to them and they get to feed them– either out of their hand or they throw the food to them– that seems to be something they all enjoy… There’s something for each one that sparks and they teach some things too and we look at things a little bit differently than we did before.” 

Each session starts at 11 am at Hays Nature Preserve on Highway 431. The next two scheduled activities will be February 19 and March 11th.

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