Look for the signs: Alabama’s new anti-road rage law starts Sept. 1

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New signs are posted across Alabama’s interstates that tell drivers, “Keep right, except to pass”. This is a part of that new anti-road rage law that takes affect Sept. 1st.

Starting in September, if you’re caught driving in the left lane for more than a mile and a half without passing other  cars, you’ll be breaking the law. ALDOT is using their 30 Digital Messaging Systems statewide to get the word out about the new law.

Allison Green is the Drive Safe Alabama Coordinator with ALDOT. She says, “One of the things that we do with our messing boards that you see on the interstates is to communicate public service announcements that are important to drivers. So to get ahead of that is to encourage people to start practicing safe driving habits like, driving on the right and only passing on the left.”

According to Green, one of the goals of the law is to curb road rage. Driver Hamel Martin thinks the the number one cause of road rage is people being in a hurry. He says, “The worst things about it is when somebody is passing another person and you could go on and get pass the second or third person ahead, that’s not a place for road rage, but it probably will happen. You’re going to have to have an official to be there to check it, as far as it being ticketed, maybe people will go around.”

The law states that a driver cannot go more than a mile and a half on the left lane of an interstate without passing other cars. After the law takes effect there will be a 60 day period when only warning citations will be issued.

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