Local students learning how to stand up against bullies and help peers being bullied

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Bullying awareness and prevention being taught locally for National Bullying Prevention Month

Walk into Alexander’s Martial Arts in Owens Cross Roads, and you’ll find students learning how to defend themselves from a punch. Bullying is a big topic here in class.

“This month it’s all been about bully prevention and having the courage to protect yourself and setting ground rules and limits and having the courage to interject if you need to to help someone else out,” said Joe Alexander, owner of Alexander’s Martial Arts.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and students at Alexander’s are learning about different types of bullying and how to respond to it. Goverment data shows that 20% of young people have experienced bullying, and 70% say they’ve seen bullying going on at school.

“We kind of think of your tool set being your spirit or your self confidence,” said Alexander. “Second — your mind and the things that you know and how you respond, and then physically — your body being your third set of tools. Having the confidence to speak up for yourself and secondly, stand up for others, makes a huge impact on the bullying situation overall.”

Students taking karate at Alexander’s say bullying is definitely something they see, and they’re building skills that will prepare them should a bullying situation arise.

“If there is someone bullying you, just stay positive. Don’t let it show,” said Dakota Burns, who has been doing karate for a year. “Because if you let it show, they’ll keep on bullying you. It won’t stop.”

“It’s a thing that’s happening constantly at my school,” said Sydney Roe. “I feel like if everyone knew more about it — some people don’t actually even realize they’re being bullied– so if everyone knew more about it, they would be able to prevent it.”

A anti bullying seminar will be held at all three of Alexander’s Martial Arts locations on Saturday. It’s free and it’s geared for kids in K-5th grade. Click here for more information and to register: https://alexandersmartialarts.net/youthseminar/?fbclid=IwAR21dBvkdwjNkKC3CKdpGHHe6lSAsCVrU3oY5mShmLcP-BX1D53S0G8DFSw

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