Language program is helping local kids get kindergarten-ready

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Huntsville City Schools reports success with LENA language program

A language program called LENA is helping local children get ready for success in the classroom. LENA is designed to increase kids’ kindergarten readiness through working with both parents and the student for 10 weeks prior to school.

The program was launched at Huntsville City Schools in 2015 after research indicated that children living in poverty were hearing up to 30 million less words than their counterparts when entering into school.

“The child wears a recorder for 16 hours for one day a week, and it records words and sounds basically. We take that data and put it into the computer and it analyzes it for us and generates a report for the parents,” said Anthony Davison, Pre-Kindergarten coordinator for Huntsville City Schools. “It tells them how many words they’ve talked with their baby, how many times they had conversational terms where they allowed the child to interact with them, and also, it tells them how many electronics are in the background.”

Since Huntsville City Schools launched LENA four years ago, nearly 500 families have been served, and a graduation rate of 84% has been maintained.

LENA is designed for parents of children who are thirty months or younger.

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