Kids use technology to connect with divorced parents

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A 2017 study found that Alabama had the second highest rate of divorce out of all 50 states, and nearly half of kids in the U.S. are impacted by their parent’s divorce.

Because those kids often end up going back and forth between parents, many are using technology to stay connected.

Ray Sivley is a divorced dad, and his kids moved to Seattle, Washington with their mom. When dealing with the divorce, he thought a lot about how he would keep a close bond with his12-year-old twin sons. Sivley says he wants to wait to get his kids cell phones, so he signed them up on the Messenger Kids app. 

“It gives them a messaging ability to do all the things I wanted to accomplish before while also at the same time giving me and their mother the ability to keep it secure and safe,” said Sivley.

Messenger Kids allows parents to chose who their child can or can’t talk to. It’s free and can be used on tablets and smartphones.

To make sure both parents are in the know with their kids, sivley and his ex-wife have a unique system.

“The little college dry erase boards, stick them on the fridge. Have one for each of the kids. What do you want to talk to the other parent about next time we talk to them? Make notes. They can just grab their dry erase board when the call comes or when they want to call them. Have their conversation then put it back on the fridge,” said Sivley.

If you’re in a similar situation, Sivley says to reach out to other divorced parents and join online support groups to learn more ways to stay connected with your kids.

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