Huntsville Utilities warns of scam targeting business owners with new tactic

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Huntsville Utilities is warning of a new tactic being used by scammers in their targeting of utility customers.

Huntsville Utilities posted the warning Saturday afternoon, saying that a local business owner was contacted by someone claiming to be from Huntsville Utilities who then threatened that his business’ power would be cut off within the hour unless he paid an overdue bill of more than $400.

Rather than asking for the usual credit, debit, or prepaid card, the scam caller said they would only accept cash and that it had to be paid in person to a “Huntsville Utilities representative” that would meet the business owner at a specific location.

Unfortunately, the business owner withdrew the money and met the scammer before realizing what was happening.

Huntsville Utilities wants to remind customers that they do not call and threaten disconnection over the phone. If you get a call like this, hang up and call them immediately at 256-535-1200.

Huntsville Utilities says this “‘bring cash only to this location’ tactic is a new and alarming attempt by scammers to cheat you out of your money,” and urge customers not to fall for it.

SCAM ALERT! This afternoon we learned of a new tactic being used by scammers in their targeting of utility customers. …

Posted by Huntsville Utilities on Saturday, August 3, 2019

Source: Huntsville Utilities

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