Huntsville Army dad surprises his daughter as school mascot

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A Huntsville third grader got the surprise of her life Friday when her school mascot turned out to be her father, home from the military!

U.S. Army Specialist Ronald Roberson hadn’t seen his daughter Emmie in 10 months. He surprised her by dressing as Willy the Hawk and coming to her class at Williams School.

“Internet was horrible so it was kind of pixelated and yeah you got to see them, but it wasn’t nearly as, obviously, face-to-face getting to see them,” Roberson said about talking to his family over video chat. “Being away from the family in general, it takes a toll. You just get lonely at times. But you try to keep yourself busy, busy, busy, busy. Keep your mind occupied to keep from missing them so much.”

Roberson was deployed in Kuwait and Iraq.

“When he goes to that kind of place you get kind of scared because it’s a dangerous place,” Emmie said.

“Are you surprised?” Roberson asked Emmie after she rushed into his arms for the big surprise. “Told you I’d come surprise you at school, didn’t I?”

“I had a feeling about something,” Emmie answered later when asked if she was surprised. A family member laughed in the background saying, “she didn’t!”

“I did!” Emmie said.

Now that the two are back together they’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

“I wanna ride in his Jeep! With the top down and the windows off.” Emmie said.

“I missed you,” Emmie told her father.

“I missed you too,” said Roberson.

“I know,” Emmie laughed.

Emmie told her dad she wanted to be surprised when he came back. She’d been watching YouTube videos of reunions and got the idea, but she had no idea it would happen like this.

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