HPD searches for ‘Pigeon Drop Scam’ suspect

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Huntsville Police are searching for one of two suspects they believe were involved in a “Pigeon Drop Scam.”

In a “pigeon drop” scam, the offender gains the trust of the victim who is deceived into withdrawing their own money, which the offender then takes.

In this scam, there are two offenders.

According to police, one of the offenders approached the elderly victim in a parking lot and told the victim about an inheritance the offender had just received, showing the victim a bag with cash inside. The offender then asked the victim for a ride to a second location, where they met up with a “stranger,” who turned out to be a second offender. The decision was made that the first offender should open a bank account and put the inheritance there.

The offenders convinced the victim to withdraw their own money at their own bank and later go to another bank to “open” an account. The offenders then took the victim’s money and the first offender’s money and claimed to place it in a bag, doing so out of sight of the victim, and then placed the bag into the victim’s trunk.

The offenders then indicated to the victim they would come back later for the money to take to a second bank to open an account. Sometime after the offenders left, the victim looked in the bag in the trunk, finding only newspapers in the bag.

Police are hoping to identify this woman, who they say is a suspect in the investigation:

Have you seen this woman? (Huntsville Police Department)

Police say the elderly victim was scammed out of $3,000. If you have any information, call Huntsville Police at 256-883-3721.

Source: Huntsville Police Department

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