How much time is too much screen time for kids?

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A local behavioral analyst weighs in on kids and time spent on their devices

When it comes to kids and their electronic devices, experts say there are steps parents can take to monitor their activity and help keep them from getting too much screen time.

Lindsay Chapman is a behavioral analyst at Madison Behavior Therapy.

“Definitely I think it is up to each family to set boundaries,” said Chapman. “We see negative outcomes when there aren’t clear boundaries or there is not a set of rules.”

Chapman says parents should have a conversation with their kids about device use and establish which websites and apps kids are allowed to use as well as which ones they’re aren’t. They should also discuss with their kids how much time they’ll be allowed to spend on the device each day.

So how much time is too much time on devices?

“Pediatricians have said 0-2 hours,” said Chapman. “If they are really young, none. As they get older, there isn’t really an established limit. We know that our kids are already there accessing screen time at school. A lot of their projects are on the computer.”

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