Helpful tips to stay warm during cold weather

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You know how a lot of people will get a hot cup of coffee or go out for drinks to warm up? Turns out, that’s actually not a great way to keep warm!

The coffee and alcohol close up your blood vessels that keep you warm. Plus alcohol keeps you from shivering, and shivering actually helps warm you up too!

When you’re outside, you should wear more layers and less jewelry like necklaces and watches – the metal will keep you cold.

Also, experts say mittens are actually better than gloves, saying that the closer your hands are together the better. Speaking of your hands, when you get inside from the cold – don’t immediately run them under hot water. You could burn them; instead, use room temperature water to slowly warm them up.

Another tip – don’t keep stuff in your car. Phones can break, pop cans can explode, medication can lose its effectiveness, and musical instruments can get out of tune or worse crack completely.

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