Grant program to help small business owners in South Huntsville freshen storefronts

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Façade grant program to help small business owners revitalize their storefronts

You may soon see improvements to small businesses in South Huntsville thanks to a grant program aimed at revitalizing the area. The Façade Improvement Grant Program, which is sponsored by Redstone Federal Credit Union, seeks to help small business owners freshen up their storefronts.

“The Façade grant can provide new signage for businesses, new awnings, new paint, structural improvements to the front of their store or the back of their store if it’s visible from the Parkway,” said Bekah Schmidt, Executive Director of the South Huntsville Business Association.

Schmidt says many of the buildings in South Huntsville were built in the 1980’s and could use some updates. Schmidt says they’re able to provide one third of matching grant funds through the grant program.

“So if a property owner is spending $2 on a project, we’re able to spend $1 on a project,” said Schmidt. “Through that, we are able to stretch our funds and help more businesses.”

Up to $5,000 of matching grant funds can be provided to businesses. Good Company Cafe, which is just over a year old, is one of the small businesses applying for the grant.

“Our tables and chairs is something that we really want to update,” said co-owner Angela Ozbolt. “We’ve made moves to do that, but some other things have taken precedent like getting boundaries outside around the cafe.”

They also want a new sign to help their shop be more visible to customers from the road.

“We’re kind of like a pioneer in South Huntsville — as far as having a hip young business,” said Ozbolt. “We’re really excited to see what we can help with bringing South Huntsville back to life.”

For more information about the grant and for details on how to apply, click here:

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