Former James Clemens student sues James Clemens coach, Madison City Superintendent in lawsuit

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A former James Clemens student identified in court documents as Jane Doe has filed a federal lawsuit against Philip Perkins, a basketball coach and teacher at James Clemens, and Madison City Superintendent Robby Parker.

The suit alleges that when Jane Doe was a 14-year-old student at the school, Perkins, who was both her basketball coach and history teacher, singled out, harassed, and embarrassed Doe in front of her classmates. It also cites multiple instances in which Doe says that Perkins touched her breasts and buttocks and one incident in which she says he refused to go over plays with her when she refused to go into the locker room with him.

The complaint goes on to detail Doe’s attempts to avoid Perkins, her declining grades, and “lingering psychological damage”, as well as the subsequent investigations into Perkins background and behavior. According to the suit, Perkins was reinstated after Superintendent Parker stated, “Madison City Schools had completed its investigation and had not found any evidence to support Jane Doe’s allegations against Perkins, and as such Perkins was going to be reinstated in the classroom.” Shortly after the reinstatement, he was placed on leave again “due to inappropriate behavior with another female student, Martha Doe,” and later returned to James Clemens as an online teacher with limited time on campus.

The suit alleges that Superintendent Parker, “…negligently failed to properly train and supervise Defendant Perkins in his role as an educator and coach with Madison City Schools, and negligently failed to terminate Defendant Perkins upon notice of his abuse and assault of a student, leading to the further harassment of a second student.”

Madison City Schools responded to the lawsuit with this statement:

“Superintendent Parker and an employee of Madison City Schools have been served with a suit brought by the parents of an anonymous student who has petitioned the Court not to have their identity disclosed. This matter was fully investigated in 2018 by Madison Police Department after a complaint was brought to them by the family. Madison City Schools also investigated the matter after learning of the complaint made to the Madison Police Department. Madison City Schools’ investigation included meetings with the family and interviews with students and faculty. The allegations of assault or other misconduct made at that time were not corroborated by either the Madison Police Department or the Madison City Schools’ investigation. Mr. Parker denies the allegations of the complaint and it will be vigorously defended.”    

View the complaint here:

Doe v Perkins Lawsuit James Clemens High by WZDX News on Scribd

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