This year’s flu season takes bigger toll on kids

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You aren’t imagining it, the flu season is bad this year. Experts say this season’s strain is taking an even bigger toll on kids.

Let’s connect the dots.

Not all flu is the same and the strain that is causing havoc across most of the country now is Influenza B, which is unusual. Usually, this strain doesn’t show up until the end on the flu season. And that’s the problem – Influenza B tends to be more deadly for children. Which means we are seeing severe infections in kids.

People who are 65 and older are not being hit as hard, and that is the group that usually has the most deaths and hospitalizations during flu season. This also means the flu vaccine is less effective this year, since this unusual viral strain does not match the vaccine that was developed.

Doctors still recommend getting the vaccine since it can still offer some protection.

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