Flooding across the valley: Lacey’s Spring updates

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Flooding has been impacting us across the valley. In the Lacey’s Spring area, residents are feeling the effects.

Brandon Allison, a Lacey’s Spring Resident tells our reporter, “It’s just too much for me. So, I’ve been staying at my ex-girlfriend’s down the road.” 

Brandon is going back to his home for the first time in days. He lives off of River Loop Road… right where the flood waters are deepest. He says some of his family and friends have decided to leave because of the flooding. 

Brandon Allison adds, “Yeah my sister– she lives right next door to me and they went to a hotel I believe.

A major crack developed in the 2100 block of HWY 231 in the Lacey’s Spring area, just south of all the flooded roads. Crews responded and diverted traffic to fix it. 

Some roads in the area are closed for drivers’ safety. We met up with Morgan County Sheriff’s Department to talk about how you should handle this situation when you’re behind the wheel. 

Mike Swafford, PIO for the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, tells our reporter, “Just don’t try to cross it. Sometimes you’ll make it. But, that one time you don’t, you put yourself at risk. You put the first responders at risk that have to come get you out. So our biggest thing is just stay out of the water.” 

River Loop Road is still technically open, although parts of the road are multiple feet underwater. There aren’t many options for immediate alternate routes. 

Residents still struggle to make it through. Most residents tell our reporter, the flooding is something they’ve had to grow to adapt to over the years.

Brandon Allison tells us, “Well, we’re just used to it. This happens like once a year, pretty much. So we just make the best of it.”

There was also serious flooding in the Old River Road and Cold Stream Areas. 

Officers say drivers need to use extra caution on the roads even if they look “passable”. Officer Mike Swafford tells our reporter, “The time you think you’re going to save, is not worth putting your life at risk.”

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