Drone deliveries begin; Virgin Galactic fashion?

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Virgin Galactic gets into the fashion business – creating new spacewear for tourists.

The company is partnering with Under Armour to create spacesuits for private astronauts. The release comes ahead of next year’s commercial flights to space. Private astronauts will receive a spacesuit, footwear, and limited-edition astronaut jacket. Each outfit is tested in a lab for zero-gravity.

The country’s first drone delivery service starts trials in Virginia. The drones are operated by Wing, an affiliate of Google’s parent company, Alphabet. Customers can place an order on the app and receive a delivery in 10 minutes. The company delivers items from Fed-Ex and Walgreen’s to customers’ doors.

Australian Airline Qantas lands the world’s first ultra-long haul research flight to Sydney, Australia. The plane took off from New York with nearly 50 test passengers; it then flew more than 10,000 miles for 19 hours. The airline says the flight is meant to test effects of these long trips on passengers.

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