Dog sleep-over program allows folks to keep shelter pets up to four days

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Newest program at Huntsville Animal Services allows folks to keep animals for a couple of days at home

One way Huntsville Animal Services says we can help our furry friends is to have a dog from the shelter over for a sleep-over.

Huntsville Animal Services says this is their newest program, and it allows folks to take home a pet to foster for up to four nights. Folks can do this anytime, and the shelter says it is especially helpful on holidays when the staff is off.

“It gets the dog out of the shelter. It’s a great opportunity, and we hope that the people who take the dog end up adopting,” said Karen Buchan of Huntsville Animal Services.

Upon returning the pet to the shelter, folks who fostered the animal will complete a form sharing all the information collected about the pet and its behaviors during the visit. This helps the shelter develop a profile for the shelter pet, which is helpful for folks who are considering adoption.

For more information about the pet sleep-over program and fostering, head to Huntsville Animal Service’s website.

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