Disposable vapes thrive after teen vaping ban

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Teens have found a loophole in New York City's ban on flavored vaping products in disposable vapes not covered under the new rules.

Kids will be kids, and when it comes to vaping, the FDA says they do what they want.

Despite laws in place to ban vaping under the age of 21, and despite a ban on rechargeable flavored vaping products, it looks like teens are still getting mango, strawberry and banana ice fixations. Just in a disposable form.

Jamil Hassan is at the smoke shop on Second Avenue. He’s a vaper who says e-cigarettes helped him kick a serious smoking habit.

Now, the vaping industry is receiving backlash for this loophole. The FDA reports one in four teens vape, even though it’s illegal.

But whats so bad about the flavors?

“When companies make flavors like sour patch kids or banana ice or blue razz, these are more often than not flavors that are targeted towards a younger demographic. And as you do that you not only get children or kids hooked on these products, but in essence for these companies, you’re getting a client for many, many years.”

It matters because according to Doctor Khanijo, no one knows vaping’s long term impact.

Khanijo says: “We don’t know what the long term ramifications are, how at-risk people are going to be for cancer and other such things that we’ve seen in people that smoked cigarettes for a long time.”

By some accounts, teens are also vaping with adding nicotine addiction.

This could all change in just a few months time. In May, the FDA will be reviewing all vaping products.

That includes flavored disposables.

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