Will Iowa and New Hampshire remain critical players for picking presidents?

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As we get ready for a democratic presidential debate in Iowa tonight, political watchers are not just trying to see which candidates come out on top but also if Iowa can hold on to its crown of picking presidents.

Let’s connect the dots.

For years now Iowa and New Hampshire have been critical when it comes to anointing presidential candidates – they are the first voters in the country to weigh in. But the two states don’t really reflect the rest of the country – New Hampshire is 90 percent white; Iowa is 85 percent. Compare that to
Texas which is 41 percent.

Residents in Iowa and New Hampshire are also older, wealthier, and more educated that the average American. And that has led to calls from candidates and political players to take away their status as first in the nation.

And we are already getting hints that the times are changing – the polls are still all over the place, meaning there could still not be a clear front-runner after the New Hampshire primary. And Mike Bloomberg, who is already moving up in national polls, is not even competing in the two states.

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