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Children’s hospitals get a lot of donations…but none like the one you’re about to hear. A 13-year-old former patient is now paying it forward – big time.
Julia Cyr Pobuda was just five years old when she spent eight days at Children’s Minnesota with viral asthma.

During her stay at Children’s, Julia got better. But once she went home, the other kids at Children’s were still on her mind.

That trip to children’s turned into fundraising, with Julia raising $467 dollars in just ten days when she was only seven years old. Then she kept going, holding an annual walk and garage sales.

Now at 13 years old, Julia is about to hit a really big number. She’s raised nearly $50,000 dollars in just six years. She says, “I didn’t really know how much I had raised in all the years until I heard $50,000 and then I was like, ‘That’s a lot of money’. They really saved my life, so I just felt like I needed to do something.”

And it’s all going to programs across Children’s.

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