Beer without the buzz? Non-alcoholic beer sales taking off

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Consumer preferences are changing and breweries are starting to take notice.

The Brooklyn Brewery is launching their first-ever non-alcoholic beer. This is a craft non-alcoholic called “Special Effects.” It’ll be launched in November in eight states, and then in January 2020, it’ll be across the country in about 30 states.

But why are we seeing this trend? Health and wellness. Fox Business spoke to the president of Brooklyn Brewery to find out more about why they’re going after the younger demographics.

“It’s the younger people that can kind of see where this fits in their lives because maybe they don’t have some of the preconceptions that older generations had about non-alcoholic beverages. so they’re coming into our world with much more variety,” Brooklyn Brewery President Robin Ottaway said.

Health and wellness is clearly a factor. This non-alcoholic beer is only 83 calories. Overall, the Beer Institute says that beer sales have declined 2.5 percent year to date. Non-alcoholic beer sales, however, are climbing.

Sales in 2018 were $20 million; expectations are for that number to jump to $80 million by 2025.

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