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The streaming wars are continuing to heat up – just as Disney is about to enter the field, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is denying rumors the company is planning to cut back on its massive spending on original content.

The streaming service now spends around $15 billion dollars a year, and Hastings tells the New York Times that figure is likely to go even higher.

Get ready to be swamped by political ads – a new study predicts $7 billion will be spent on political ads in 2020. And while most of the money will go to television, the fastest growing segment is mobile and social media.

Americans are keeping busy on those sleepless nights by shopping online. A new study from digital marketing firm Adlucent says one quarter of Americans are spending a whopping $2 billion “night shopping.” Many say they’ve dropped up to $500 during a shopping session, with the majority spending at least $200.

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