Alzheimer’s Awareness Walk at Big Spring Park

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The North Alabama Walk to End Alzheimer’s kicked off today in Huntsville. 

Locals made their way out to Big Spring Park, dressed in purple, and ready to help raise money and awareness for a great cause.

Music, games, and even a ‘pet zone’ tent made this a family friendly event. Their goal? To raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease, which impacts 5.8 million people across the country, to highlight its effects on families and caretakers, and to fund research to find a cure.

Attendees say they were happy to help.

We spoke with Phyllis Roberts, who is a member of the committee for the walk. She says that this cause is one that’s very important to the people of Huntsville. Roberts says, “We have a lot of senior citizens here. We have a lot of Army retirees. We have quite a few people here that have Alzheimer’s and their families need to know how to help them.” 

Saundra Adams attended the walk, and she reminds us that in order to find a cure, everyone has to lend a hand. She says, “People that are not directly affected by Alzheimer’s– I think it’s great that they take the time to come out and share and help, and be there with other people that are going through it.”

An estimated 92,000 people in the state of Alabama are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Representatives of the walk reminded us that Early-onset Alzheimer’s in patients under the age of 65, is becoming a more serious issue, impacting 200,000 people across the country. 

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