Almost $800,000 given to local groups to create more family resources

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Residents in Decatur will have more access to family resources — all thanks to a local grant.

An almost $800,000 check was presented to child advocacy groups in District Five — by state leaders and “The Alabama Department of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention”.

The presentation was held at the Alabama Center for the Arts Tuesday morning. Some of the recipients include Healthy Families, and Partnership in Parenting.

One first-time recipient of the grant says she plans to use the money to hire a parent liaison at her school. We spoke with Amy Mason, the Principal of Madison County Elementary School.

Mason tells us, “We’re able to identify some of our parents who could benefit from the support of a parent liaison, and then use the ‘conscious discipline curriculum’ that we use with students in the classroom– but to help equip parents with some skills on how to use alternative forms of discipline… and really help come up with ways to help students learn and behave so when they come to school they’re ready to learn.”

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