Alabama education report cards easier to access, understand

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The Alabama Department of Education say they want to make it easier for you to find information on their website. Their data center is often referred to as the state’s report card.

The old system of data entry and reporting was called “outdated”, and the state says they’re hoping the system is more transparent.

Although the letter grade for the state hasn’t been released, on Thursday state school board members sat through a presentation on how the state report works.

Dr. Eric Mackey, state school superintendent, says, “It’s a reporting system that includes academic achievement and things like student absenteeism”

Mackey says the purpose of this tool is provide transparency. “The data has always been available on the website, but we wanted to make sure that it is easy for parents, school administrators, researchers and new people to access”

You can go to the State Department of Education’s website and click on State Report Card.

Click on AL Education Report Card to see letter grades by district and school .

If you click on Madison County, you can see the county’s overall score is a “B”. You can also compare school districts.

Education advocates say they are excited about the new system.

Mark Dixon with A+ Education Partnerships explains, “I really applaud the department for putting this information online, but also making it user friendly, because what we want to see at A+ is parents, teachers, students everyone involved in improving our education system.”

The overall letter grade for the State Department of Education is expected to be released next month.

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