A day at the shelter: Huntsville Animal Services copes with stormy season

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Storms can be scary for many animals and their owners, but what’s it like for animals in a shelter?

We spoke with, Karen Buchan, Huntsville Animal Services’ Animal Care Supervisor, who shared what it’s like for the dogs and volunteers in their shelter during Huntsville’s storm season. 

Buchan says, “Any day here at the shelter can be a stress factor for the animals…especially when there’s thunder and lightning. A lot of pets are frightened of that and they’ll hide under the beds that we have for them in their kennels.”

Buchan says volunteers are necessary to help socialize shelter dogs, build their confidence, and help them deal with times of stress, especially storm anxiety. She explains, “We’re always looking for volunteers to help us with our enrichment program, even if it’s a frightened dog in the kennel, they can sit with them and calm them down.”

But storms aren’t the only risk for animals’ well-being during the summer. Buchan also has an important message to pet owners on how to make sure your pet stays healthy in this Alabama heat. Make sure you’re aware of the dangers a hot day could bring.

Be sure to always provide plenty of water. If you’re thinking about taking your pet with you to leave in the car while you run into the store, don’t! Even if you only plan to be gone for a few minutes! Buchan says, “Just imagine 110 degrees in a car! They have no way to cool themselves. Even if your window is lowered several inches, it’s still not cool enough. So please leave your pet at home!”

And going for a walk? Not so fast. The pavement that’s hot on your feet can also hurt your pet’s paws.

WZDX was granted an inside look at Huntsville Animal Services’ shelter, to show you a few of the local dogs in need of forever homes. Take a look, and be sure to share to help get these dogs adopted! Adoptions for adult animals are free until July 20.

Find out more about Huntsville Animal Services on their website or Facebook page.

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