Tips to Declutter Your Finances


Looking to simplify and declutter your financial life?

There’s a handful of easy steps you can take to get things in order.

USA Today recently offered five suggestions for helping you regain control of your finances.

First, assess things like a corporation would. That includes drawing up a budget and closely tracking income and expenses on a monthly basis. And be sure to include expenses that don’t occur every month – things like semi-annual insurance payments and what you may spend at the holidays. Once you have a budget set, you can look for expenses to cut.

You’ll want to create a detailed financial inventory as well. List all that you own, and all that you owe.

It’s a good idea to also list where all your accounts and documents are located so you can find items quickly when needed.

And look to reduce how many financial accounts and credit cards you have – it’s a chance to reduce everything from maintenance fees to monthly statements.

Above all, what you’re looking to do is streamline and simplify your finances to create an easy to use system.

For more on how to get your financial life in order, check out the full USA Today article.

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