Think about your child’s digital footprint


E-mails, pictures, videos, and all other information published on the internet becomes a part of your digital footprint, and that footprint doesn’t just go away. It’s important to remind kids and teens that things they put online today can follow them in the future.

Many teens love the idea of apps like Snapchat where they can post something now and it be gone later, but what some don’t realize is that their posts can still be floating around.

Sexting among teens is more common than you may think. Studies show teenagers sending and recieving sexts is increasing, and cybershaming isn’t slowing down.

Pam Clasgens with the National Children’s Advocacy Center said, “An example would be a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship, and maybe there’s some pictures exchanged that you wouldn’t want other people to see, then they break up. You know, we hear about one of the partners whose feelings is hurt. Maybe they share things that the other person didn’t want shared, and that can bee seen by lots of people.”

One of the most important things to do is to talk with kids and teens about what they should and shouldn’t post online.

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