The USSRC’s ‘Bush Room’ honors the former president


As the country mourns former president George H. W. Bush, employees at the Space and Rocket Center remember him every time they walk in to work.

The administrative building at the Rocket Center is known as the “Bush Room.” Bush visited in 1987 and toured the Space Camp when it was just five years old.

A signed photo on the wall of him in a space walk simulator reads: “Come fly with me! Keep up the great work.”

“It’s such an honor that we still talk about this space that he used. At the time this is where his secret service detail was set up,” said Pat Ammons with the USSRC. “We still call it the Bush Room to this day and we honor his legacy and his great service to our country.”

She says the CEO of the Rocket Center remembers Bush as a kind man who was very interested in what he was shown on the tour.

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