Testimony: man in manslaughter case was combative, smelled of alcohol

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New information was revealed Wednesday in the manslaughter case where a man’s car crashed into a home and killed a sleeping woman inside.

A judge ruled the case will head to the grand jury and a police officer gave his testimony about what happened that night last month in Madison County.

Two shots of vodka and a prescribed xanax is what a Huntsville Police officer says Antony Wu told him he’d had sometime before the deadly crash. The crash killed Joy Vaughn, who was apparently trapped under Wu’s car inside her home on Riverchase Road.

According to the officer’s testimony, Wu had to be tased at the scene because he was holding an ice pick when first responders got to the car and threw glass in a paramedic’s face. The officer says he was also put in soft restraints at the hospital because he was combative with hospital staff.

The officer believes Wu was too impaired by alcohol and a controlled substance to drive. He says there are no results back yet from Wu’s blood sample.

Wu’s attorney says they’ll be making a motion to see the police body camera video from the scene. He says the case is still in its early stages. 

“We don’t have discovery yet from the district attorney, police report, witnesses that were actually there on the scene,” said attorney Ron Smith. “So we’ll at some point in the future get that and go from there in our investigation.”

The prosecutor did not want to comment.

Authorities apparently couldn’t find Vaughn right away when the car was completely inside her bedroom. The officer who testified says her house is not on a curvy road. It’s a cross street from Chaney Thompson Road.

Police say Wu’s car ran off the left side of the road into a yard, struck an unoccupied vehicle in the driveway, then ran through a different yard and hit a large bush and fence before smashing into the side of Vaughn’s home.

WZDX News will be following this case as it moves through the court system. The next step is for a grand jury to indict Wu, if they choose to do that.

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