Talk with Madison officials about Sullivan Street improvements


A busy street in Madison may soon be getting a face lift and city officials want to know what you think.

At Madison City hall from 5:30 to 7:00 Wednesday afternoon you can check out drawings and talk with consultants about the road work.

City officials are looking to widen Sullivan Street to five lanes and add walkways on both sides.

They also want to add walkway improvements to Madison Boulevard and traffic signals at West Dublin Drive and Royal Drive as well as Kyser Boulevard.

WZDX News caught up with a man who works off Sullivan Street and says something needs to happen to help with traffic.

“Pretty much any time of the day that you leave here it’s hard to get out of O’Reilly’s, I don’t even go to that gas station,” Casey Wyrick pointed across Sullivan Street. “It’s always backed up. It’ll be backed up for miles. It’ll take you 30, 40 minutes to get six miles up the road.”

This is just one of many proposals in the works to improve Madison’s streets.

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