Students Visit EarlyWorks Children’s Museum During Black History Month


Students from near and far are taking a field trip to Earlyworks Children’s Museum during Black History Month.

The museum presenting “This Road We’ve Traveled” – an exhibit set up by people sharing their African American ancestry in Alabama.

The presentation includes historic artifacts like photogpraphs, musical instruments and tools. Exhibitors say this is a way to help children learn more about who they are.

“The importance of asking the question who am I, where do I come from – because it becomes a trajectory of where you’re going. Because it’s these people, it’s their experiences and all of who they are that make you who you are,” said Dr. Terrance D. Vickerstaff, EarlyWorks exhibitor.

“So everytime a school wants to experience this program, we put a call out to our community and our partners and our friends and so it’s a little different everytime. Sometimes you’ll get Terrance’s story, you might get living history. We may have the arts. We have some amazing artists to share their work and how it pertains to African American history,” added Director of Guest Experience, EarlyWorks Family of Museums David McLellan.

“The Road We’ve Traveled” exhibit is a year-round program.

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