Students learning soft skills with Amazing Shake competition


Evans Elementary students are gaining real life skills by competing in the Amazing Shake. The 5th and 6th graders are being put through difficult situations and are judged on how they react.

Local community members were there helping perform the different scenarios. They judged the students on the ability to handle the uncomfortable situations.

The competition began with every student in the school competing. Today, it was narrowed down to 30 students, and only 3 made it to the finals.

“It’s basically a series of events and scenarios where students are put to these challenges to show confidence, to make eye contact, shake hands. These are the skills we’re trying to teach them to prepare them for the middle school, high school, college,” said Evans Elementary principal, Dr. Robert Sims.

To do well, the students have to be up to date on current events and think on their feet.

Evans Elementary student, Elijah Johnson, said, “You have to prepare for job interviews. If you want your dream job, you’re going to have to sit down and talk with another person, and if you really, really want that job, then you’re going to have to make eye contact, be confident, and you’re going to have to know your stuff.”

The Evans Amazing Shake competition continued Friday, December 14th at the Fine Arts Center on the Albertville High School campus.

The final three contestants, 6th graders Sarah Kate Bearden, Greyson Sparks, and Katy Grace Willoughby, participated in a round robin question/answer setup and then individual questioning in front of Evans’ entire student body and 10 community guests judges. The question topics included the students’ opinions on the the adoption of an Alabama lottery, Government regulations on public school lunches, and solutions to the pollution crisis in our oceans.

Katy Grace Willoughby was named the 2018 Evans Amazing Shake winner. She will head to Atlanta to compete in the National Amazing Shake competition.

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