State Troopers share safety tips for drivers of passenger vans

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Summer is the time that youth and church groups are using passenger vans for road trips. State troopers are urging drivers of these vans to exercise caution while driving them.

Passenger vans have a high center of gravity, which can make them more susceptible to flipping at high speeds or when making sharp turns.

“We encourage people to get a more experienced driver, maybe someone with a commercial drivers license,” said Curtis Summerville, PIO for Alabama State Troopers. “Often times, that’s not the case. What you can do in that situation is get someone who has driven one before and allow him to work with that person that is going to be a new driver and maybe they can give them some tips in terms of breaking a little bit earlier, especially when they’re coming to a curb.”

Summerville also recommends that drivers of passenger vans drive a bit slower and to remember to allow for more time to stop.

Worn out or improperly inflated tires can also lead to passenger van crashes, so it’s recommended that the driver inspect the tires before every trip.

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