State senator to propose statewide jail food money bill

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State Senator Arthur Orr wants an amendment that passed in Morgan County to become a statewide change.

In Morgan County, sheriffs now cannot keep leftover jail food money for their salaries. Orr plans to propose a bill that makes this the standard practice for every sheriff’s office.

He says now more people know about the issue so a bill would have a better chance.

“Do something that’s best for the taxpayers, but also let’s move into the 21st century on this issue,” he said. “We’ve tried before in earlier years and not been successful. Again I think it’s because the public was not clued in outside of Morgan County and the immediate area as to what was going on in jails and sheriff’s offices across the state.”

The issue of sheriffs keeping leftover jail food money caused problems for two previous Morgan County sheriffs. People voted overwhelmingly in favor of the change.

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