State Leaders Meet To Discuss A Possible Gas Tax Increase To Help Fix Alabama Roads


Henry County commission chairman, David Money pretty much sums how all 67 Alabama counties are dealing with roads and bridges.

The Association Of County Commissions’ Legislative Conference was held today in Montgomery.

Lawmakers are discussing how to fund fixing road and bridges across Alabama.

Chambers County engineer, Josh Harvill says their roads look like the stone ages. 

But one of the solutions for addressing Alabama’s infrastructure woes is a gas tax increase. 

ACCA executive director, Sonny Brasfield say an increase in the gasoline and diesel fuel tax hasn’t  been passed in Alabama since 1992.

If a gas tax increase is imposed, county commissioners want to make sure every county gets it’s far share. 

Several lawmakers say this gas tax increase is likely something we will see come up in the next legislative session.

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