Startup businesses thrive in Huntsville, large co-working space fills up


For the very first time one of the Rocket City’s largest co-working spaces is completely full.

The manager of Huntsville West says “Huntsville is on fire” when it comes to growing business startups. More than 40 businesses now fill the halls of an old elementary school as the city’s startup community changes the face of how you do business. 

In less than three years the building transformed into an entrepreneurial engine that now has more than 130 people turning its parts.

“Right here we’re all dreamers and people who want to change the world and change the business industry,” said Demetrius Malone, the Huntsville West manager.

Tech developers, nonprofits, data security agencies, and marketing firms are just some of the businesses starting small but dreaming big.

“We have a digital marketing company,” said Molly Richardson.

“A software service company that helps facilitators run groups,” answered Alan Derrick.

Richardson’s business started with two people. It’s now tripled in size.

“Being here has helped our business grow because we’ve been around a bunch of other entrepreneurs who we’ve seen grow,” she said. “And they’ve seen us grow and it’s just a really collaborative environment.”

“There’s a camaraderie, kind of a family kind of thing,” said Derrick. “So it draws me down here.”

Derrick was the first person to bring his business to Huntsville West. He says the entrepreneurs here feed off each other and their diversity.

“It’s attracting all kinds of people,” he said. “Different kinds of backgrounds, artist types, high-tech people, and you just go out in the neighborhood and it would be a bad area if this kind of thing wasn’t happening.”

“You may sit down at a table,” Malone began. “There is a 19-year old kid sitting next to a 75-year old gentleman and they’re both learning to collaborate together.”

From an idea to a company, it takes a village, or in this case an old school, to make the Rocket City a place for business ideas to thrive.

Since they’re maxed out on space, Malone says they’re opening a second location in coming months. It will be at an old middle school nearby.

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