Sparkman Middle School parent says her daughter was terrified


Officials with Madison County Schools were called to investigate a threat made this morning at Sparkman Middle School.

They tell us there was a threatening message written in the bathroom, but they won’t say what the message said.

Parents received a robot message stating they were allowed to check their children out for the day. We spoke with a parent who sent her daughter a text message asking her if she was okay.

“Maybe an hour later she finally got a chance to send me a message, and she said please come get me. I am terrified. I am shaking, and I want to go to home. This is scary,” says Gwynne Springer.

“They didn’t want us in the hallway it was basically a lockdown,” says her daughter. 

Madison County School officials did confirm that the person who made the threat has been identified, and will not return to Sparkman Middle School.

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