Snowless snow day gives local mall a boost during slow season


The ‘snow day that wasn’t’ came at the right time for businesses in the Valley.

During the slow time of year for shopping and after hundreds of locals didn’t know when they’d see their next paycheck, shop owners were eager for some foot traffic.

“How are you enjoying your snow day?” WZDX News asked Marsha Tilford in Park Place Mall.

“We are having a ball!” Tilford replied.

It’s a day off in Huntsville and one that isn’t accompanied by as much worry as the forced days off for federal workers.

“My girlfriend’s dad actually works for NASA,” said Luke Lamonte. “Just now he got to come back and then today again, cancelled.”

This snow day is generally kind of humorous.

“Probably tomorrow we’ll wake up for four inches,” Tilford said.

“Instead of snow you’re playing on Mars and rockets,” said WZDX to Michael McComas at the mall’s play area.

“That’s about the best you can do sometimes!” said McComas. “You know you’re expecting snow, you got all the sleds out, the skates, and then it doesn’t come to anything so you come down and play on the plastic.”

“Thought we might go sledding but instead we’ve come jumping!” said Tilford.

But for businesses it’s a chance to reel in some cash after profits may have lagged from the record-long government shutdown and the end of the holiday season.

“This is one of the slower times of the year as far as mall traffic, but when snow days hit or really, really cold, frigid temperatures hit, it really draws people in because they’re looking for a climate control,” said Molly Mitchell, marketing director for the mall. “So we do see an uptick in traffic.”

Besides the obvious shopping and the play areas and food court… What about using the mall for exercise?

“What brought you all to the mall today?” asked WZDX News.

“Well this is a great place to walk in the winter time,” said Carol Hunt. “We come here and walk about four or five days a week.”

“Four laps equals a mile,” said Mitchell. 

“What mile are you on right now?” WZDX News asked Hunt.

“We do six laps,” replied Hunt.

“We probably finished one mile,” added Eddie Hunt.

This ‘snow day that wasn’t’ is being taken full advantage of at Park Place Mall.

“A day off is a day off!” said Tilford.

The marketing directer says they welcome snow days like this. It’s a win-win for them and people hitting the roads to get there.

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