Senator Doug Jones discusses furloughed employees


The government shutdown is on the minds of people in the Tennessee Valley, as many in this area have been furloughed.

Senator Doug Jones was in Huntsville today to address employees on furlough, inviting federal workers to express their concerns in a town hall meeting. Hundreds of people from all over North Alabama showed up.

During the meeting, Senator Doug Jones said he is seeing positive things come from the White House.

“We’re seeing some movement, the movement from the president today, but there’s also movement in the House Democrats, and I think that that movement oughta be taken at face value and good faith and that we oughta use that to open the government back up immediately,” Senator Doug Jones.

Several furloughed workers were in the crowd today. Many of them begged Senator Doug Jones to do anything he could to end this shutdown. Furloughed employee, Trent Griffin, said he missed a family member’s funeral becuase he wasn’t sure when he would be paid next.

“I’ve had some family issues in another state that I wanted to travel to, but I have no way of knowing when this is going to be over, how I’m going to pay for the trip, you know. It’s affected me on many levels,” said Griffin.

The Alabama senator wants the government to open back up as soon as possible, but he says it will still take time to come to an agreement.

“This is not something that is an incremental step. It’s not something that’s going to be hammered out over the weekend. It may take a little longer. Just get the government open in doing it, because now we know that everybody in good faith is going to be talking about it,” said Senator Doug Jones.

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