School resource officers study social media red flags


Students in Madison County head back to school on August 1st and at the top of many parents’ minds is how safe their children will be.

School resource officers from across the country are training in Huntsville and learning about red flags on social media.

A new FBI report shows there are signs ahead of a shooting tragedy. For instance, in the Parkland massacre the suspect put disturbing posts online.

“If we know and understand that there are specific social media apps we can help to prevent suicides, we can look into to let parents know to keep constant communication with their children about different apps,” said Corporal Chris Townend with the Madison Police Department.

The school resource officer training was updated last year to include a social media course. Townsend says the job as a whole has shifted from just a resume booster to a position involved in every part of the school community.

Officers like Hadiya Casimir from the Virgin Islands are paying attention. Her classmate was shot in front of her when she was in high school.

“He never graduated. He died in the hospital,” Casimir said. “So I’m really taking this to heart listening to the training and I’m fully focused because I’ve experienced it and I don’t want anybody else to have to go through it.”

Townsend says in Madison City they have not added more SRO’s, but have a hiring class and are looking to add more. Get more information on that here.

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