Saxophone, Santa, and shopping: Christmas Eve procrastination at its finest

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Christmas Eve means cookies, music and last-minute shoppers scrambling to get everything done.

If you’re cutting off price tags and wrapping presents Monday night that was probably you. Bridge Street Town Center was a scene of procrastination at its finest. It’s also proof Christmas is about family more than presents because WZDX News talked with people who were done shopping but still braved the crowds so they could spend time with their loved ones.

Saxophone player Reginald Jackson was there to ease the shopping rush.

“I always like to share music during the holiday!” Jackson said. “It just puts everybody in the Christmas spirit.”

That Christmas spirit was felt throughout the shopping center this Christmas Eve. Maybe because…

“Lots and lots of boys and girls that are on the nice list this year,” said Santa Claus.

With hours left before the Christmas deadline you could say ‘everyone and their dog’ was out.

“Last night was like I couldn’t even think properly, that’s how crazy it was,” said a woman in Christmas tree holiday head gear who works there.

“Yeah it’s a lot of people,” said shopper Alex Thompson. “I’m not doing too well!”

“Who are you shopping for?” WZDX News asked.

“Really just everybody,” replied Lydia Guyse.

“I’m actually shopping for my mom for my dad!” laughed Laken Moore.

“There will be a lot of men coming in like, ‘can I just get a gift card?'” joked the worker.

But money card or box, shopping families know the real gift is being together.

“He’s stationed at Fort Lee, Virginia, right now and he’s just home for the holidays,” Trent Mornan said about his family member.

“Christmas Eve, I just think this is a magical time of the year!” said Jackson. “My mother always made it special for us and so I like to make it special for others and kids will remember this forever. I love doing this.”

“All the elves are grooming the reindeer and getting them ready for tonight!” said Claus. “Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!”

Santa isn’t the only one to wish the Tennessee Valley a Merry Christmas. WZDX News heard it over and over from people who want to pass it along to many more.

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