Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater takes shape, major economic impact expected


The Albertville project expected to draw thousands from across the region is taking shape.

Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater has been described as everything you could want in a park and it’s economic impact is looking to be just as big. It’s planned to put Albertville on the map as a location for big music acts and sports tournaments, with an economic impact projected to be in the hundreds of millions.

According to an economic impact study by the city, SMPA is expected to generate over $120 million in economic impact in one year. Albertville Communications Specialist Robin Lathan says this is based off of multiple factors including construction costs.

“It’s gonna be massive,” said SMPA General Manager Patrick O’Brien about the size of the park.

More than 100 acres of land is being transformed. It will include: more than a dozen turf athletic fields, an amphitheater, a fitness and recreation center, an outside water area with a leisure pool, splash pad, and lazy river, an RV park, dog parks, playgrounds, and more.

“We want them to experience an awesome, energetic, and fun atmosphere,” O’Brien said. “Where there’s gonna be something for everybody to do.”

“Everybody” includes Sand Mountain locals and, well, everyone else.

“We have an amphitheater that we want to house up to close to 8,000 people,” said O’Brien. “So we’ll be able to have up to national acts and down to regional acts, which is gonna be really exciting.”

Multi-day sports tournaments will fill up hotels and restaurants.

“When you come here as a family and a sibling is playing in a baseball tournament we’re gonna have a lot of other amenities and activities for the siblings to do, which is really valuable for families and it will make it a great all-encompassing atmosphere for whoever visits the park,” O’Brien said.

The main building you can see being built right now is the fitness and rec center. The park isn’t just aiming for a healthy economy, but a healthier community.

“The community has been longing for a facility and a venue like this,” O’Brien said. “So it’s incredible to see this dream and a lot of hard work from a lot of people to come to fruition.”

There’s no set day for when next spring/summer the park will open, but construction is on schedule. Expect to be there around this time next year.

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