Roadside workers begging drivers to be more cautious


The orange cones and flashing road work ahead signs are popping up around Huntsville, and construction workers want drivers to pay more attention to them.

Roadside workers say the main dangers they face every day come from the general public. On average, 21 people die from work zone related accidents in Alabama a year, and distracted driving is a main cause.

Lieutenant Donny Shaw, with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, said, “Especially when you get in these construction zones, pay particular attention and follow all the rules of the road, and watch out for someone that may step out accidentally or something that may pull out in front of you all of a sudden.”

Even if you don’t see any workers, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

Reed Contracting Services Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Tim Lyons, said “I think too many times you see people, just because they don’t see any workers, they fly through construction zones because they don’t think there’s any hazards.”

If you are caught speeding or driving recklessly through a contruction zone, your fine can doubled.

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